Sports Events With the Biggest Gambling Revenues

Sports is probably one of the most lucrative industries due to its sports event revenues and gambling revenues combined. Many fans from around the globe enjoy sports for various reasons. Many sports enthusiasts love this center of entertainment because of the games alone. There is a particularly enticing factor from the games’ thrill that inevitably attracts many viewers and spectators worldwide.

On the other hand, many fans also love sports because it is an excellent money-making platform for gamblers and betters. The sports betting industry is one of the biggest and wealthiest industries available for millions of punters worldwide.

On average, the sports betting industry yields up to one trillion dollars per year. What attributes to this success is the idea that thousands of supporters can win thousands of prizes just with one event alone. But what games do most players bet on more? Let’s take a look at some of the sports events that yield the highest gambling revenues.

Sports Events With the Biggest Gambling Revenues

#1. FIFA World Cup

sports events gambling revenues FiFa

Football places a top stop in the world’s most loved and most popular sports. Thus, the casino also holds the most bets in the sports betting industry. Football is accountable for almost 70% of the sports betting industry’s total annual revenue.

In Nevada sportsbook alone, the FIFA World Cup yielded a record-breaking 158.6 million dollars of wager amounts. The American Gaming Association also estimates for the total wagers in the region, including undocumented bets, may have reached 4.76 billion dollars.

#2. Super Bowl

sports events gambling revenues super bowl

The Super Bowl is undeniably the biggest sports event in America. Millions of football fans within and outside America watch the Super Bowl each year.

The American Gaming Association estimates that placed bets on the most recent 2020 Super Bowl reached seven billion dollars. The Super Bowl is also prominent for its intriguing and much-awaited national anthem, toss-coin, and the grand halftime show.

#3. March Madness

march madness

Basketball is also a greatly-loved sport played all over the world. In America, the NCAA is also one of the best highlights of the basketball industry. Basketball fans can choose among 68 basketball teams to play single-round eliminations in March until a national champion emerges. The estimated wager amounts reach up to 10 billion dollars, illegal bets included.

#4. Kentucky Derby

sports events gambling revenues Kentucky Derby

Horse racing is a lesser favorite when we talk about sports. However, this sports event also leaves many sports bettors on the edge of their seats. Many gambling enthusiasts worldwide gather in Kentucky for this event yearly, identifying which contender to choose. In 2019, reports reveal that the event garnered 250 million dollars of wagers over a 14-race card.

Sports betting is a continually growing industry. It yields trillions annually, but it also gives out billions to many sports bettors. If you think that sports are thrilling because of the games alone, think again. Sports offer so much more. Try out placing your best in these sports events listed above and expect high but easy wins.

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