Sun wukong


The Sun Wukong slot machine is a popular online slot machine from Playtech. If you’re familiar with ancient mythology, particularly of the Song Dynasty, you’ll know who Sun Wukong is: in the legends of both the Chinese and Japanese societies, he is a legendary figure known as the embodiment of power, speed, and good fortune. In some versions of the myths, Sun Wukong was also a demigod, powerful enough to break the heaven-wide seal placed on the dragon, thus restoring to life the fabled monster.

In Sun Wukong slots you control a flying monkey who lands on the slot’s symbol, which then activates the bonus features. These include the ability to spin the reels, pick up coins, and purchase credits. The key feature of this slot machine is that it allows you to use both the reels and credits when it rains. This can be very helpful as those who would have otherwise had to miss out on big wins have more opportunities to make a profit from small plays. In addition to the symbols on the reels, the base game includes nine other icons. These include the jackpot, which award three thousand dollars; the double vertical, which pays out two hundred thousand dollars; the triple vertical, which awards one million; the seven stars, which award six hundred thousand; and the diamond, which pay out five hundred million.

In addition to the traditional slot machine play, many casino restaurants offer a variation of slots where players choose random combinations rather than being required to place coins in them. Players can also play sun wukong versions of these slots. There are no mini-slots available, so it is not possible to collect more coins than the slot’s payouts allow. However, because players do not need to spin the reels in order to win the bonus, the chance of hitting it big more often is greater with this type of slot. Those looking for an easy way to earn additional money should play sun wukong.

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