Pharaoh’s daughter


Pharaoh’s Daughter is Playtech’s second bestselling video slot game. Take me back in time to an endless desert sands of ancient Egypt, in Pharaoh’s daughter slot machine. This sixty reel, fifteen line progressive slot game was designed by Playtech and incorporates a few high quality features with a few low end ones. I have always liked the graphics on many of their slot games and this one really looks the part.

There are four reels in each of the games, with four different colored coins that can be used on each reel to place your bets. The normal “payout” is two coins per line, but there is also a bonus spin mode on many of the reels that will increase your winnings. The “Bonus Spots” as they are called, gives you the opportunity to get more free winnings by upping your bets during the game. There are also a few jackpot slots that you can win during play that you will not see in the actual game unless you know how to find them.

When playing in the bonus spins mode, you will be able to see the history of the player including the types of bets they have made as well as any winning combinations that they have gotten into. This mode of play adds a real element of fun to the game, and I have always enjoyed it whenever I have been fortunate enough to win a jackpot while playing at a live casino. You can also play against the computer if you choose, which does tend to make the game a little bit more challenging, but if you think you can handle the challenge then by all means play the game against a computer. Overall, Pharaoh’s Daughter is a slot machine that anyone will enjoy playing, whether you are at a live casino or not.

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