Moon princess


Take your love of the anime genre and apply it to gambling by way of the Moon Princess slot machine. This casino game is a spin-off of the hit Japanese anime series and provides fans with an adaptation of another popular genre for casino play. With a colorful background studded with dancing stars and a score resembling a calming sea swell, the machine depicts scenes from the magical kingdom of Japans. Visitors to this amusement park will be treated to a liveliness unlike any other, as the light-hearted theme sets the tone for a spellbinding day.

The Moon Princess Slot Machine Game is a high-flying game with an exciting set of odds, making it a winner for slot players looking for something flashy and spectacular. Take flight through the sky with the moon princess game. Taking design cues from their successful anime series and famous Japanese manga scene, Moon Princess provides a unique take on standard slots, blending traditional casino game elements with high-paced animation to create a game that is both fun and visually appealing. With a variety of bonus rounds that are sure to please, this game is sure to become a favored attraction in any casino.

This game features three unique and interesting games which complement each other in an original and creative manner. Players can choose between a game which features Setsubun Spins, in which players must collect five colored coins on each spin; a game in which a special princess appears and the goal is to collect as many of her pets as possible; and a final game in which all players compete for the prize to become the special princess. Each game has a distinctive look and feel, and players can even purchase special moon princess themed accessories to use with their machine. Moon Princess is a slot machine that’s different from the others, providing a fun and exciting play experience that’s different from other machines in the marketplace. If you haven’t yet experienced this unique spin on a slot machine, you need to have a look!

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