Halloween fortune 2


Have you been waiting for the right time to play the newest version of Halloween Fortune 2: Trial for Your Life? It’s now available! The first version of this online flash game had many faithful players praising its graphics, sounds, and gameplay, but it lacked something that made it unique and addictive – a challenge. You see, the point of any online flash game is that it should be challenging, so you have an extra incentive to play it. You can’t just walk into a casino every time you want to play and expect to walk out with the same money because it’s not a real life casino, you have to work for it, you have to work to beat the odds.

Well, fear not dear readers, the second installment of the Halloween Fortune series is here, and it has everything you were looking for! Sound, graphics, challenges, all of it is still here, the only real difference is that there is more to it than before. Now instead of just having you click random stuff on your screen like in the first game, here you’ll be making choices, choosing items, interacting with the other players, and most importantly, avoiding the nasty witches that are hounding you throughout Halloween. Now you’re not completely safe from the witches, but they can’t touch you or harm you in any way either. Pretty cool, right?

To get the additional bonus game, you simply have to answer an online quiz, after answering you will receive a Halloween Fortune Free Spots card which contains a code for a random item drop. You can also get this card in the first Halloween Fortune game if you purchase it. Now that’s fun, isn’t it?

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