Fire 88


A beautiful new online flash casino game, Fire 88 is a relatively unknown hot pot of casino game popularity in the west. When you first enter the Fire 88, you will notice right away that the game is heavily dominated by a Wildfire dragon, spreading fire everywhere on the game boards. From the bright colorful tiles to the impressive fiery dragon face, everything about Fire 88 screams of casino game design at its best.

The good news is that the colorful graphics and old-school sound of this old-school slot machine are still present and gorgeous. However, as a whole, the design of the Fire 88 takes some of the old-school features and cranks it up to 11! Fire 88’s unique “hot potato” style of play keeps the game exciting and fast paced. Playing the classic game of slots requires a certain amount of skill to beat the odds, but when you add in the added elements found in this online slot machine, the result can be nothing short of amazing.

The most exciting part of playing the classic game of slots is hitting the reels and winning big jackpots. On every single reel of the Fire 88 game board, there is a dragon symbolizing the jackpot. Some reels feature a yellow fire or a red dragon symbol, while others feature the classic golden color of the Hot Potato symbol. Placing your bid on these reels will earn you big points and coins, and eventually leading you to the coveted finishing line. The goal of all players who love the classic game of slots is to win the maximum amount of money on every single reel, while trying to hit on the smallest number of “spots” on the multi-reel reel!

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