Countries Where Gambling Is Completely Illegal

Although gambling is a widely accepted practice for many governments globally, there are still some countries where gambling is completely illegal. Many communities benefit from the authority of casinos and the gambling industry. Countries and states yield a significant amount of financial support from the industry’s revenues. Casinos set to pay millions of taxes to the governments annually. Aside from these taxes, communities are generally wealthier in the presence of grand establishments that sponsor many jobs and attract more tourists and investors.

However, the gambling industry is also a dangerous and tricky world. Over the years, many gambling enthusiasts have lost millions of hard-earned money because of irresponsible gambling practices. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of casino players who are suffering gambling addictions. Million-dollar fraudulent activities also victimize thousands of customers worldwide. For these reasons, it is understandable why governments develop strict standards to regulate gambling activities.

Many governments worldwide still weigh on allowing the benefits of the gambling industry to improve their communities versus protecting their people’s welfare. Here are some of the countries that still consider gambling is completely illegal.

Countries that still consider gambling is completely illegal

#1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The United Arab Emirates or UAE has one of the world’s wealthiest cities, Dubai. Dubai is known to house many multi-millionaires known worldwide.

Given this, the country chooses to protect its citizens by banning all gambling activities in the country. UAE is also an Islamic country that also affects its strict laws and policies.

#2. Cambodia

gambling cambodia

Years ago, citizens of Cambodia enjoyed gambling activities. However, the country emerged to be one of the countries with the highest gambling addiction rates. Thus, the government pushed for the banning of all gambling activities in the country in 1996.

As times changed, the government also developed safer ways to allow its people to enjoy gambling activities responsibly. To date, Cambodia now allows government-managed lotteries for its citizens.

#3. Qatar

Gambling Is Completely Illegal - Qatar

Qatar is also an Islamic country like the UAE. The government of Qatar bans all forms of gambling activities in this place. However, its citizens do not approve it, so the country also houses the biggest underground gambling platforms in the world.

#4. North Korea

gambling illegal north korea

North Korea is known for its military government. When it comes to restrictions, this country has a lot. Its government restricts most entertainment sources and activities in this place. However, if you are an authorized visitor, there is only one casino dedicated to you. You may reach this casino in Pyongyang through your assigned guides.

Gambling has its share of benefits and risks. Although it is the government’s role to protect its people’s welfare, we should also be aware of and responsible for our actions. Nonetheless, countries that still consider gambling as illegal to secure its people are always admirable.

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