4 Biggest Gambling Countries Around the World

Gambling is a luxury that not all countries around the world can enjoy. Some various countries and states cannot enjoy gambling activities as much as others do. It may be due to a few gambling players or low-income citizens. There is also a list of countries whose governments do not allow any form of gambling. Some governments can be overly protective of their people’s welfare, so they won’t let the danger of gambling activities kick in. Check some of the gambling countries here.

However, there are also states and nations that take their gambling activities to a whole new level.  The gambling industry earns billions from these countries annually. These countries are also the ones responsible for the rapid and unbelievably significant growth of the casino industry. Is your state one of these biggest gambling countries worldwide? Find out here on our list.

Gambling Countries Worldwide

#1. China

gambling country china

China can probably top our list of the biggest gambling countries around the world. Gambling is generally illegal to almost all parts of the country except for Macau. In the records, Macau alone led the country to become a leading economy, with this lone region’s over 35 billion dollar revenue.

#2. Australia

gambling country Australia

Australia houses some of the biggest casinos in the world, both in-land and online. Australia allows sports betting, slots, poker games, and many more.

The country records a total of 935 banned gamblers who also breached the guideline 1,200 times over. In 2007, estimates revealed that an average Australian adult gambler wagers up to 990 dollars, which makes industry reach a whopping 24 billion dollar revenue.

#3. Finland

gambling country Finland

Gambling has become very rampant in Finland over recent years. The gambling activities in the country even alarmed the government to make stricter gambling regulations.

Counseling activities are available for its citizens who are suffering from symptoms of gambling addictions. The government ensures that regularly advocates safe and responsible gambling through campaigns and advertisements.

#4. United States of America (USA)


Las Vegas is widely known as the heart of the casino industry. This state is like the Mecca of all casino enthusiasts worldwide. You will see here the grandest casinos ever made. Thousands of casino fans flock in this state yearly to experience the most exquisite gambling experience of all. With the state’s casinos also opening up for sports betting platforms, it will surely not be long before this nation takes the top spot.

The casino industry is a fast-growing industry that yields trillions of dollars each year. Thanks to many casino fans around the globe. As they say, the yields are high, but what the industry gives out to millions of fans is also a crazy amount of money. The casino industry makes sure that it reciprocates its loyal supporters in the top gambling countries with what they truly deserve.

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